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Sep 2, 2016

5.2.7 Version Release

Release 5.2.7 is in the final stages of  beta testing and about to be released to our customers. Over the past 6 months, we have worked diligently on bringing our customer's requests to reality. Not only will these enhancements bring safety to your patients, but they have the ability of bringing more efficiency to your practice.


  • Mixing doctor-of-the-day
  • Edit injection notes within mixing 
  • Easily view "Last Order" 
  • Simply sort icons on mixing list
  • Billing for Nucala and SLIT
  • Injection signing - some insurances require
  • Notification of injections "due" but not adminstered
  • Gender within injection screen
  • Estimated "Next Injection Date" - injection and general area
  • Ability to administer "vial test" 
  • Canned text updated
  • Masking of SSN - HIPAA compliant
  • Vial verification updated
  • Alerts - expiration date added
  • Order entry - system setting for positive identity 
  • Enhanced password security - HIPAA compliant
  • Skin Test - view provider name by hovering on patient name
  • Ability to print patient information for VAT within open patient
  • Reports
    • ALL reports enhanced with required header/footer information
    • Patient Recall - within reporting area
    • NEW and ENRICHED Reports