Rosch Immunotherapy

Reasons to Purchase Rosch Immunotherapy

                                 STATE-OF-THE-ART FEATURES

Vial Bar-Coding and Identification

Recording/tracking of injections
and reactions

Delinquent/non-compliant patient injection reports

Pre and post injection waiting lists

Pre-injection questionnaire/peak flows

Antigen inventory system

Pre-Mixing order approval

Charging scheme customization

Direct integration with
Visionary Allergy Tracker

Interfaces to EHRs

Rosch Immunotherapy is the allergy extract and injection management system. This program allows for patient sign-in, injection administration, extract mixing and antigen inventory.

Risk management analysis has identified errors in allergen extract administration to be a major risk factor for the allergist. Rosch Immunotherapy is specifically designed to address the issue. Patient photo, date of birth, and vial barcode verification are used by Rosch Immunotherapy to assist the nurse in verifying that the correct injection is being administered to the correct patient.

Rosch Immunotherapy expedites immunotherapy formulation. Nurses are able to list the formulary, concentrations, volumes, and diluents of each vial. A formulary is populated in the maintenance part of the system allowing for easy point and click formulation.

Rosch Immunotherapy allows for ordering and mixing of extracts, as well as antigen inventory. For multiple office practices with a central mixing location, the satellite offices can order a new vial and the order will appear on the mixing site’s list to be made. Once the order is ready to be made, the nurse will be able to print the labels, view the formulary and scan the stock concentrations that are being placed into the mix. Once the stock concentration is scanned, the antigen is automatically depleted from inventory. If the extract is for mail out, the nurse will be able to print the instruction sheet and address label as well.

The patient injection screen shows the patient name, date-of-birth, and patient photo. Along with the necessary demographics, a list of all current bottles and the patient’s last injection information are listed. From this screen, the nurse can administer the injection. The dosage, location, and administering nurse of the injection will be automatically documented.

The Health Questionnaire allows for a set of predefined questions to be reviewed and commented on during the patient injection process. If the patient is required to perform a peak flow prior to the injection, the reading can be recorded in the peak flow section of the pre-injection screening.