With all the hype about technologic advances coming from Silicon Valley or some well known University, who would have thought that one of the most unique and innovative software programs for allergy medical practices would have originated in the rural hills of Central Pennsylvania?? Who now doubts that one man can truly change the allergy world? Well, that’s what has happened with development of the Rosch Visionary Systems, clearly a “visionary” system that enables allergy practices to function more effectively and efficiently, while providing greater safety and satisfaction to patients with allergic disorders.

With its programs designed by an allergist for allergists, its state of the art training facility in Altoona, Pennsylvania enabling physicians and their staff to experience the ultimate software training experience (not too much else to do in Altoona, so you’ll learn a lot), and its outstanding technical support, there is no doubt that incorporating the Rosch System into our practice was clearly one of the best decisions we have ever made. I urge you to learn more about it. I know you will find out what we already know…..it will make your practice more enjoyable and successful, and definitely improve your bottom line. What more could you ask for (aside from better third party reimbursement?)

William E. Berger, M.D.
Allergy and Asthma Associates of Southern California
Mission Viejo, California

We were thrilled when we were able to work together with Rosch Visionary to make Rosch IT available on a Citrix platform. We really wanted to bring the Rosch IT product into our organization but all 19 of our clinic locations and our mixing Lab are on Citrix and we really didn't want to go back to FAT clients. After several months of working together, we now have all 19 of our clinics electronically processing injections using Rosch IT with the charges automatically posting in our EPM through an HL7 interface. Our Mixing Lab is also processing all internal extract orders as well as a number of extract orders that are mailed out to various doctors' offices and edcuational facilites across the country for our patients. We even have our providers using Rosch IT now to enter the prescription for the extract gettingrid of that paper formula card. Now that we have gotten over that initial learning curve that comes with any change, I am constantly hearing from our staff and providers that they love the product.

The training was great. Sending our super-users to the Rosch facilities in PA allowed us to get hands on training and provided an opportunity for us to meet the staff behind the product. Remote training sessions were arranged to train the rest of our 100 plus clinical staff and providers. Rosch could not have been more gracious and accommodating. The follow up support is wonderful. They are always there for us on the rare occasion that we need them now and are very open to possible enhancements.

Things are going well and we are looking forward to the future releases with additional functionality.

Lucille Spiva, Project Manager
Atlanta Allergy & Asthma Clinic PA
Atlanta, GA

I wanted to thank you very much for all the training and exceptional technical support we have received this past year. Despite our many questions, everyone I've worked with at Rosch has been so knowledgable, professional, and extremely generous with their time.

With your assistance, we have been able to use the software more efficiently and have a better knowledge of the different applications available in your program such as the vial verification and the health questionnaires/peak flows. With having these items available, we are even more equipped to prevent injection administration errors.

What I personally like best about your product is the ease of using Rosch. I'm not very computer literate and your program is user friendly and systematic. I have no problem with training new nurses on how to use the system. Your cheat sheets you've equipped me with have been a great asset.

Rouella Baldovinos
Capital Allergy & Respiratory Disease Center
Sacramento, CA

My partner and I opened our new allergy practice last year, and one of the first things on our agenda was to implement the Rosch immunotherapy software program. We had both come from large allergy practices that had used this program for many years.

When setting up our own practice, we wanted a program that increased efficiency in the immunotherapy room, reduced errors in IT mixing and administration, and allowed for paperless tracking of shot records. We knew that the Rosch Immunotherapy software program was the right program for our needs.

The system was easy to implement, and the customer service we received from the Rosch sales and management team was exceptional. Our next project will be to interface Rosch with our PM system. The company has been very willing to work with us to develop this interface at a reasonable cost.

I would highly recommend the Rosch Immunotherapy software program to any allergist who is looking to acquire a HIPAA compliant immunotherapy program that is easy to use, accurate, and cost effective.

Patricia Leonard, MD
Board Certified Allergy and Immunology
Houston, Texas

We have been using ROSCH in our office for about the past 5 years. When I came on board, it was already up and running.

We are currently looking into an EMR program for our allergy/asthma practice. One of the requirements is that whatever we choose must be able to interface with ROSCH, which I am finding out will not be a problem. The staff really likes the organization and user friendliness of the program. It has streamlined our allergy injection clinic in many ways. We arestill learning new ways to streamline other aspects of our immunotherapy regarding mixing, etc.

I have come to rely on the customer support. While I have yet to meet them face to face, I feel as though I know them very well. Since the program has been installed, we have not had any problems with it. We get our periodic updates, they provide training on the things that are new and changed. And a professional and friendly manner to go along with it. As I am trying to learn more and more about what ROSCH can do for our practice, I have logged many hours of emails, phone calls and web meetings to get the information needed. Everyone at ROSCH has been very courteous, informative, pleasant and accommodating. They are always willing to spend the time to show me things. If I can't remember what they told me, or how to find a certain report, I can call them and they will tell me again and never sound irritated or frustrated. There is rarely a time when they have not been available for questions, ideas, etc. If they are busy, they have always returned a call or an emailin a very timely manner.

We have had issues with other support services dealing with our practice management program, which has been very frustrating and disappointing. The fact that in the 4 1/2 years since I've been at this practice using ROSCH, we have never had a system malfunction. I've never needed t have an emergency fix. The system has never gone down. The onlytime we have a problem is when our power is out, and no one can help that, but when the powers comes back on, ROSCH is ready to go.

Christina M. Keil, RN FNP-BC
Texas Regional Asthma and Allergy Center
Southlake, TX

The year 2010 ushered in many exciting opportunities, as does every New Year; and as an LPN working for an established and highly regarded ENT practice their venture in opening an allergy department within the practice proved to be the most exciting of all. The plans were made, the details intact; we traveled to Vermont to attend the Basic Allergy Course. With many questions in mind and much to learn two of the doctors from the practice and me were pulling from every resource at the convention. Booths, slide shows, demonstrations, well trained salesmen, and of course word of mouth from other nurses and doctors; we would either be leaving well informed or well confused. Thankfully it wasn’t the latter.

Allergy testing itself may be the easiest part of the equation when you consider the “whole” of diagnosing, testing, treating, and maintaining appropriate records for the allergic patient. The diagnosing and treating were in good hands with the three doctors in our office, it would be the antigens for testing and the record maintenance that we needed to zero in on. When we left the convention we had enough information to well determine our choice for a company to provide our antigens, but there was only one choice that seemed to serve both testing and records maintenance; ALK Abello and Rosch Immunotherapy. When equipped with the knowledge the choice was simple for us to make. We knew before we ever saw the first allergy patient that we would be investing for the strength of our allergy department for the long haul. I liken it to a marathon runner choosing the appropriate shoe, Rosch Immunotherapy is our shoe.

Once testing is complete for the allergy patient and immunotherapy has been ordered, Rosch takes over. We are able to integrate all of our patients from the existing EMR to Rosch, determine an appropriate health screen for each patient, and emphasize individuality for each patient in therapy according to their particular needs and treatment. Photos, labels with a scan bar, office specified dosing regimens, reaction indicators; are all safety features in treating our patients. As a nurse that is the bottom line, safety for our patients; and I do enjoy sharing the features with our patients and seeing the relief as they are made aware of the tools that are in place to help maintain their highest level of safety. I personally have called on the technical team at Rosch more times that I would want to admit, not because there have been problems but because I asked a lot of questions and Cory never seems to be stumped. I feel like it is the first call each and every time, I have never felt as if they are tiring of my calls. The training was at my convenience and Heather spent as much time as I needed equipping me with knowledge from day one.

In a nutshell, Rosch was an option that became a choice, and in reality should be necessity for all who venture into the allergy/immunotherapy world.

Aundrea Haffield, LPN
Vero ENT Allergy Center

It is with great pleasure and confidence that I highly recommend the Rosch Immunotherapy Software. I began working with Rosch Visionary in June of 2011. We were seeking a software program that would meet our clinic's needs that would be easy to implement and easy to use, increase our clinic's efficiency, patient safety and increase our revenue. Although, we found systems that would meet some of our needs, it wasn't until we researched the Rosch Immunotherapy Software program that we found a system that would provide us with a solution that would meet all our requirements.

It is so refreshing to work with a company who values their clients and provides personalized on-going support. The entire staff is professional, friendly and demonstrates genuine concern. Too often, when purchasing software systems, once the sale has been made, you are on your own to determine how to best implement the software and by what method to utilize the software to maximize the capabilities and functions of the software. The team at Rosch Visionary is there to assist you through each step of the process, from simple demographic entry to going "live" with your system and beyond.

Rosch Visionary demonstrates an outstanding awareness of the complexities of delivering safe and effective allergy care and treatment in a constantly evolving and specialized field of medicine. The software is outstanding but really what sets Rosch Visionary apart from their competition is their exceptional and tremendous support. You not only gain a software system but a relationship with a company that values their clients and does business the "old-fashioned" way, they earn it. Their sales and support staff have worked tirelessly to provide us with the best customer support and service I have ever received.

Julie Willis
Practice Administrator
Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin

"The Rosch Immunotherapy Program is very easy to learn. The excellent training we received helps us maneuver through the system with ease. This program allows us easy access to patient's formulation and shot record. We believe this program will be a benefit to our practice."

Valerie Holzer
Immunotherapy Nurse
Heritage Medical Center

Allergy and Asthma Center has been using the Rosch Visionary Systems Injection program since January 2008. It has been a great asset to our practice, allowing the nursing staff to be able to confidently and more efficiently give allergy injections to our patients. Our practice has five physicians and 13 nurses in four different offices utilizing this system. Patient safety factors, as well as the ability to document more thoroughly have been major contributions of the Rosch system.

Diane Dean, RN
Immunotherapy Nurse
Allergy & Asthma Center, P.C.