Risk Management

Rosch Immunotherapy is the efficient, cost productive, and optimized risk management tool for the making and administration of allergen (extracts/aeroallergens and venoms), as well as other biologics such as Xolair.


Rosch Visionary Systems, Inc. programs have been designed "by an allergist for allergists". Our software programs offer your practice the ability to function more accurately and efficiently, resulting in better patient care and enhanced income productivity. Our software is the most widely used by Allergists in the United States and Puerto Rico. These programs are designed to fit all allergy practice settings from one doctor, single office practices to multiple provider, multiple site practices. Rosch Immunotherapy has been implemented at numerous training programs as well as military clinics.

Since Rosch Immunotherapy is considered an add-on module, the program is not governed to the stimulus guidelines. Rosch Immunotherapy can be interfaced bidirectionally to any practice management system that has an HL7 Interface. This interface will help to eliminate missed charges and will ultimately raise income for your practice. The system can generate multiple charging reports to help keep track of charges with or without the interface.