President's Message

I would like to personally thank the over 750 practicing allergy specialists and multiple training programs that employ and trust our Software. You continue to make Rosch Immunotherapy the most widely utilized allergy specific software by an increasingly larger margin. Obviously, I invite the rest of you to join our family. As physicians delivering allergy care, we find ourselves in rapidly changing, often insecure times not only within allergy, but medicine its self. With ill-defined, ever changing Federal requirements, private and public insurance imbalances, escalating practice oversight requirements, swelling practice overheads, and inadequate levels of newly trained Allergy specialists, we are being increasingly required to provide the highest quality care to greater numbers of often more complex patients while reimbursements decline.

Obviously, the utilization of efficient cost saving systems that physician and staff alike find easy to use while guaranteeing patient safety have become mandatory, although not always easy to find. The over 180 allergy practices that utilize our software have found that computerizing the Immunotherapy area of their operations is an easy transition resulting in rapid achievement of the goals of safety, efficiency, decreased cost, and increased income from an easy to use, patient and staff friendly system. Since Rosch Immunotherapy is an “add-on program”, it is not subject to the Federal EMR requirements and can be used as either a stand-alone program or in combination with most practice management and EMR software. Its reporting capabilities are ideal for many of the Allergy Meaningful Use Criteria.

Our Patient Phone App, and patient text messaging and email capabilities are ideal to increase patient compliance, resulting in better treatment outcomes and practice incomes.

Most importantly, as a long standing member of the allergy community seeing you at meetings and serving with you on Academy and College committees, you have MY promise that our service to you will continue to be exceptional, from our “in-house” software support to our allergy knowledgeable trainers. Present and future users of Rosch Immunotherapy can always be sure of our commitment to you to be the BEST source for software to enhance the safety, accuracy, efficiency, accountability, and profitability of allergy care. Rosch Visionary Systems is The Allergy Software Leader.

Jeffrey M. Rosch, MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI

President / CEO, Rosch Visionary Systems