Rosch Immunotherapy FAQ's

What types of environments can Rosch Immunotherapy be installed?

Rosch Immunotherapy can be installed in the following environments: client/server, Citrix, and terminal server.  For more details, please contact us at (800) 307-3320.


What types of training does Rosch offer?

Rosch offers webinar training. Webinar training works best for practices that are new to Immunotherapy and/or have minimal patients on injections. We try to break the training into short segments since it can be tedious. It is extremely important for trainees to have impeccable computer skills and understanding of their practice’s immunotherapy procedures and processes. We take the train the trainer approach. 


Are Rosch’s trainers knowledgeable in the field of allergy?

Rosch’s tag line is “your allergy technical specialists”. This is 100% true when it comes to Rosch’s entire staff. Our trainers are extremely knowledgeable in the field of allergy. Rosch is kept up to date on all recommendations released by the AAAAI and ACAAI. Our trainers go through intense training prior to being permitted on the training field. We feel nothing is worse than having a trainer that does not understand every aspect of the allergy practice.


Who needs to attend training?

We ask for trainees to have knowledge of an electronic environment, along with a great understanding for the immunotherapy portion of their practice. We provide a train-the-trainer environment, so we will need trainees that feel comfortable training the rest of the staff. We ask for at least one injection and mixing nurse, along with a possible office manager. If needed, we can train the physician(s) via webinar, so he/she can keep seeing patients.


My practice is affiliated with a hospital/university, can I still install Rosch?

Of course! We have numerous training programs, universities, hospitals and military settings. Rosch will work with your facility to understand all the technical requirements for an installation to take place.


Does Rosch charge for nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants?

Yes, Rosch charges for physicians and mid-level providers. 


Is it possible to interface to other EMRs?

Yes, we can interface to any system that is HL7 Compliant. Rosch Immunotherapy will send charges and results to the EHR and the EHR will send demographics in return. Please see our complete interface page. If your EHR is not listed, Rosch would be happy to speak to them regarding interface setup.

Many individuals feel that interfacing can lead to numerous support and compliance issues. This is simply not true. Rosch ensures that all interfaces are completely secured and functional. If there is a problem, Rosch immediately reacts by fixing the issues and/or contacting the other vendor.


Reportability and documentation is key in my practice. Does Rosch provide substantial documentation and reportability?

Of course, EHRs are fantastic with producing reportability and Rosch is no exception. Any clinical data, which is populated in Rosch, can be reported on. We provide numerous types of reporting including efficiency graphing, clinical refill history, compliancy, charging, and more. With the purchase of the system, each practice also receives a free customized report, which can be used at any time.


How long does it take to implement Rosch Immunotherapy?

It takes approximately 5 to 6 weeks to implement Rosch Immunotherapy, depending on interfaces. Once Rosch receives the signed contract, we immediately start the process. Rosch schedules a clinical implementation call to help explain the setup of the system to the clinical staff. During this call, Rosch schedules the training, which then allows Rosch’s technical team to schedule installation. 


Our nurses are very concerned about the learning curve they will face with installing Rosch. What is the average learning curve time?

Most staff find Rosch extremely user friendly and easy to grasp. The approximate learning curve is 30 days, but has had staff comfortable within a few days from going LIVE. The learning curve is dependent on the clinical staff’s knowledge of computers and electronic environments. Obviously, it is better to go into an electronic environment with an open mind, which leads to happier and more productive outcomes for the staff and most importantly patient care.