The VAT (Visionary Allergy Tracker) has been a very useful tool in obtaining compliance with the immunotherapy schedule of our patients. Since the release of VAT, patients will come in stating their phone alerted them that they were due for an injection.


Frani Pilgrim, RN, BSN
Hedberg Allergy and Asthma Center

Rosch Visionary Systems is on the leading edge of technology. This forward-thinking approach allows us to provide the utmost safety, efficiency and reportability to our practices and their patients. Our Visionary Allergy Tracker (VAT) app is an innovation empowering patients to actively manage their immunotherapy treatment with easy access to their treatment and injection progress.

For the practice, Allergy Tracker helps to improve patients' compliance by pushing notifications for upcoming and/or overdue shots. Compliance is important to successful treatment and profitability, we have expanded notification delivery to include text message (SMS) and email reminders so you can easily remind all your patients at the touch of a button. Practices have the ability to send office broadcasts to patients.

Of course, HIPAA is a huge concern for practices. Rosch has ensured that Allergy Tracker puts patients' safety and confidentiality first.

The Visionary Allergy Tracker app is compatible with Apple and Android operating systems.