PM Interfacing

Rosch Immunotherapy can be interfaced to practice management systems that are HL7 compliant. Rosch offers three different interfaces: demographics, charges, and results. These interfaces can be used separately or in combination.

Rosch HL7 Interface

Rosch Immunotherapy has the ability to interface with any Practice Management (PM) System and/or Electronic Health Record (EHR) that supports HL7 interfacing.

In order to transfer demographics, charges and/or results, a bidirectional interface is required, which means both systems must have interfaces installed. The PM system will send demographics and accept charges from Rosch Immunotherapy and Rosch Immunotherapy will send charges and accept demographics. In regards to the results interface, Rosch will send immunotherapy history results to the EHR. The displaying of the information will be decided by the EHR vendor.

If your practice chooses not to interface, Rosch Immunotherapy has the ability to generate many different charging and injection/extract reports by date and time.

Whether charges are sent electronically or by manual input from a generated charging report, this helps to eliminate missed charges for both injections and extracts. Most practices have found that this function alone more than pays for the program.

Rosch Visionary Systems, Inc. technical department will work closely with your PM/EHR vendor to ensure that the interfaces are operational prior to going LIVE.